The following are testimonials from those whom I have helped with their ancestor search. If you would like to contribute a testimonial, please contact us!

"I had wondered about my mom's side of the family for some time, but she didn't know anything and neither did I. Jeff was able to find out several generations back, and also found cousins living in Germany that I had never met or known about! Thanks so much!"
- Kim P, Ypsilanti, MI, July 2015

"Nice job Jeff... I know first hand what a great job you do in researching genealogy. Your assistance with our family genealogy has been greatly appreciated. I highly recommend that people take advantage of your expertise! Keep up the good work!"
- Gene S., Temperance, MI; June, 2015

"The whole family of my great-grandfather's brother, Elie, opened up to me through Jeff's research. Thorough, accurate, and well-sourced."
- Cliff V., Conroe, TX; June, 2015

"My husband was adopted as an infant. Until recently, finding his blood relatives never was an interest for me. However, once we had kids together, it became important to me to know who my children's ancestors were for both medical reasons as well as pure interest. Once I got the original birth certificate, I had no idea which direction to go first. I contacted Jeff for help and was amazed at what he was able to find, in such a short period of time. Within days he had obituaries, birth records, and medical info dating back several generations. I now know the complete blood line for my children on my husband's side of the family for over 4 generations, which I never thought would be possible. I am so thankful for all of the hard work Jeff did for me and my family and I would highly recommended him to anyone interested in finding their family roots."
- Traci K, Toledo, OH; June, 2015

"Jeff contacted me a couple of years ago through his research into his living cousins and with his help and skill as a researcher and translator into our Germany heritage, I was able to add 6 additional generations to my family tree. This included over 100 direct ancestors to me and several photographs of my GGGGrandparents. His dedication to genealogy and skill as a researcher I find quite amazing. I have seen some of the work he has done not only into his/our ancestry but also forward to the living generations to show a full family history which is very interesting. I look forward to taking one of his seminars so that I can use those same skills that he has employed to further other branches of my family tree."
- Ryan H, Waterford, MI; August, 2014

"Jeff.............I am absolutely blown away! I can't even imagine the amount of work and time that this took you. I am deeply indebted to you and, please, keep my name and number in that if there is ever anything that I can do for you, please ask. You deserve your doctorate degree just for this work alone."
- Paul L, Toledo, OH; September, 2011

"As a little girl, I often wondered where my ancestors came from. When I questioned my parents, they were not able to give me definite answers. Jeff decided to do some research of my family as a Christmas present for my young children. After only a short period of time, Jeff was able to trace my lineage back several generations. He uncovered pictures and signatures from decades ago. He discovered that many of my ancestors worked hard for a living and had many siblings. Most interestingly, Jeff came across published accounts of how my great-great-great-great-great grandfather allowed George Washington to make camp at his Pennsylvanian farm during the American Revolution. The information that Jeff obtained was not only fascinating and enlightening, but answered years of questions I had about my family history. I cannot think of a better gift for my children than the knowledge of their past."
- Melissa A, Monroe, MI, September, 2011

"Jeff 'found' me in January of 2011. It was amazing how much information he had unearthed on our family tree going back to our ancestors in Poland. Jeff is very detailed in his approach and has unlimited patience in deciphering the background mysteries that he uncovers. His linguistics background and understanding of the German language has been a great asset to him in his detective work. I am proud not only to have a new friend in Jeff, but also proud to call him my cousin."
- Vicki P, Maumee, OH; September, 2011